Veterans Memorial Coliseum New Haven, Connecticut on 05-11-1981

Veterans Memorial Coliseum New Haven, Connecticut on 05-11-1981
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11 May 09:00 PM
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Veterans Memorial Coliseum New Haven, Connecticut on 05-11-1981

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Don's Pick This Week on Dead Set Live takes us back to May 11th, 1981, where the Grateful Dead performed at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New Haven, Connecticut. This concert is a treasure trove for Deadheads, featuring an eclectic setlist filled with classic tunes and mesmerizing improvisations.

The evening kicks off with the energetic "New Minglewood Blues," setting the tone for what promises to be a memorable performance. From there, the band launches into "Sugaree," with Jerry Garcia's soulful vocals and intricate guitar work taking center stage.

As the night unfolds, the Dead treat the audience to a mix of beloved favorites and deep cuts, including "El Paso," "Jack-A-Roe," and "Beat It On Down The Line." Each song is delivered with passion and precision, showcasing the band's tight musicianship and intuitive connection with one another.

Highlights of the set include a captivating rendition of "Scarlet Begonias" > "Fire On The Mountain," where the band weaves together intricate melodies and hypnotic grooves to create a musical journey unlike any other. The seamless transition into "C.C. Rider" keeps the energy flowing, while "To Lay Me Down" offers a moment of reflection and introspection.

The second set kicks off with the classic "Playing In The Band," which serves as a launching pad for extended improvisations and musical exploration. "Drums" and "Space" take the audience on a sonic adventure through otherworldly landscapes, before the band brings it back down to earth with "The Wheel" and "Playing In The Band" reprise.

As the night draws to a close, the Dead treat the crowd to a rousing encore of "China Doll," "Around And Around," and "Good Lovin'," leaving fans wanting more. The show concludes with a high-energy rendition of "I Can't Get No Satisfaction," sending everyone home with smiles on their faces and memories to last a lifetime.

Overall, the Grateful Dead's performance at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on May 11th, 1981, is a testament to the band's enduring legacy and their ability to create magic on stage. With its diverse setlist, mesmerizing improvisations, and electrifying energy, this concert is a must-listen for Deadheads and music lovers alike.

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