Los Angeles Coliseum Los Angeles, California on 06-01-1991
01 Jun 09:00 PM
Until 01 Jun, 11:45 PM 2h 45m

Los Angeles Coliseum Los Angeles, California on 06-01-1991

Dead Set Live
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It's straightforward to select the best show for a particular date when there's only one recording available. Although The Dead had performed on a few nights on this date back in the sixties, the only circulating recording is from their '91 show at the LA Coliseum (although there are some fantastic studio outtakes below). Therefore, it's Don's Pick this week, but it's also a delightful show enhanced by Bruce.

The action kicks off with a vibrant Shakedown, setting the tone in grand fashion and building momentum over seventeen minutes. Shortly after, the band treats us to a Bertha infused with funky vibes and unique riffs and fills—mostly courtesy of Hornsby on piano—introducing a refreshing new sound to this otherwise routine tune. Later in the set, Bruce, now on accordion, once again injects some delightful licks into Queen Jane. Following that, Deal wraps up the set on a high note with a ferocious jam in the latter half.

An unforgettable Picasso Moon opens the second set, with Bruce unleashing his talent on piano and pushing Jerry into uncharted territory. A solid Playing in the Band transitions smoothly into Uncle John's, followed by Drums and Space. Emerging from the other side, the band swiftly shifts gears for a brief but energetic Miracle. After a Black Peter, The Dead bring the show to a close in a standard yet rocking manner, with Throwing Stones > NFA, followed by a One More Saturday Night encore.

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