Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

On August 22, 2015, Cleveland’s Music Box Supper Club witnessed an electrifying performance by Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, a band that has been captivating audiences with their unique interpretation of the Grateful Dead’s music. The venue, known for its intimate atmosphere and stellar acoustics, provided the perfect setting for an unforgettable night of live music.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead is not your typical Grateful Dead cover band. Led by drummer Joe Russo, known for his work with Furthur and Benevento/Russo Duo, the band features an all-star lineup of musicians including Scott Metzger on guitar, Marco Benevento on keyboards, Dave Dreiwitz on bass, and Tom Hamilton on guitar. Together, they breathe new life into the timeless songs of the Grateful Dead, infusing them with their own improvisational flair and dynamic energy.

From the moment they took the stage at the Music Box Supper Club, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead had the audience on their feet and dancing. Opening with a blistering rendition of “Bertha,” they launched into a setlist that spanned the Dead’s extensive catalog, from beloved classics like “Scarlet Begonias” and “Fire on the Mountain” to deeper cuts like “Viola Lee Blues” and “Born Cross-Eyed.”

One of the highlights of the evening was their exploratory jam on “Eyes of the World,” which stretched into mesmerizing territory as each member of the band showcased their virtuosity and musical chemistry. The crowd erupted into cheers as they seamlessly transitioned into “The Other One,” building to a thunderous climax that left everyone in awe.

Throughout the night, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead displayed a remarkable ability to channel the improvisational spirit of the Grateful Dead while adding their own unique twists and turns to the music. From intricate instrumental passages to soulful vocal harmonies, they captured the essence of the Dead’s live performances while forging their own path forward.

As the evening came to a close with an epic encore featuring “Brokedown Palace,” the audience was left buzzing with excitement, grateful for the opportunity to experience such a transcendent musical journey. Joe Russo’s Almost Dead had once again proven themselves to be true torchbearers of the Grateful Dead’s legacy, breathing new life into their timeless songs and carrying the spirit of improvisation into the future.

For fans of the Grateful Dead and live music aficionados alike, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s performance at the Music Box Supper Club was a night to remember—a testament to the enduring power of the Dead’s music and the boundless creativity of those who continue to keep their spirit alive.

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