Robert Hunter’s Tales Of The Great Rum Runners

Introducing the mesmerizing realm of “Tales Of The Great Rum Runners,” Robert Hunter’s magnum opus in the realm of solo endeavors. Hunter, celebrated as a seminal figure in the music world for his prolific songwriting partnership with the Grateful Dead, unveiled this hidden gem in 1974, etching his unique narrative into the annals of music history. As he famously mused, “I considered myself a folksinger, and then we all became bluegrass musicians. When it turned rock and roll, I turned to my typewriter.” And indeed, Hunter’s literary prowess shines brilliantly in this solo venture.

For aficionados and enthusiasts alike, the 50th anniversary edition of “Tales Of The Great Rum Runners” promises a transcendental journey, beckoning listeners to immerse themselves in Hunter’s lyrical labyrinth. Rolling Stone once hailed it as “perhaps the most intriguing solo album to arise from the Dead’s eclectic orbit,” a testament to its enduring allure. Mark your calendars for June 7th, as this deluxe edition unveils a meticulously remastered rendition of the original album, augmented by a treasure trove of 16 previously unreleased recordings.

Originally unleashed upon the world in the spring of 1974, “Tales Of The Great Rum Runners” marked the maiden voyage of Round Records, a venture birthed from the creative womb of the Grateful Dead. Within its grooves lay a tapestry of 13 tracks, each a testament to Hunter’s boundless imagination. From the haunting strains of “Boys In The Barroom” to the rollicking rhythms of “Rum Runners,” the album encapsulates the essence of Hunter’s poetic prowess.

Recorded amidst the rustic charm of Mickey Hart’s converted barn studio in Novato, California, the album serves as a canvas for Hunter’s myriad talents. Venturing beyond his role as a lyricist, he assumes the mantle of musician, wielding instruments ranging from guitar to bagpipes. A coterie of Bay Area virtuosos, including the likes of Jerry Garcia and Keith Godchaux, lend their instrumental prowess to this sonic tapestry, weaving a spellbinding narrative that transcends genre boundaries.

The deluxe edition of “Tales Of The Great Rum Runners” unveils a trove of previously unreleased gems, shedding new light on the album’s evolution. Alternate versions of beloved classics such as “Keys To The Rain” and “It Must Have Been The Roses” offer fresh perspectives, while unreleased treasures like “The Word” and “Buck Dancer’s Choice” tantalize the senses with their newfound presence.

Embrace the saga of “Tales Of The Great Rum Runners” in its myriad forms, from the 2CD set to the high-definition digital downloads, and embark on a journey through the corridors of musical history. And as the curtain rises on this opus, stay tuned for “The Silver Snarling Trumpet: The Birth of the Grateful Dead—The Lost Manuscript of Robert Hunter,” a literary odyssey curated by Hunter’s contemporaries, promising a deeper dive into the enigmatic mind behind the music.

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